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The First Give Project – JCoSS students win £1,500 for their chosen charity

The Jewish Education department have spent the last half term working in partnership with the First Give project to build a culture of giving amongst Year 8 students. Students have had to choose a social issue that they are concerned about and a charity that works to alleviate that social issue. Students then researched and prepared a presentation that they gave to the rest of the class about that charity. Many students spent time researching and making contact with those charities in a bid to discover how they would spend £1,000. The charities were extremely varied from Norwood to Jewish Women’s Aid, from Oxfam to Cybersmile.

Each class chose a finalist to go through to a grand final which was held on July 20th. The winner would receive £1,000 to go towards their chosen charity and two runners up would receive £250 for their charities. 

The Winners were:  James Saker, Sam Holden, Sam Glasner, Stefan Tucker and Jonah Baron Cohen who represented The Stables

Runners up were:

Taylor Langer and Zak Pearson who represented Grief Encounter

Evie Liebling-Blitz, Zoe Harris, Jonina Grayson-Lee and Maya Howard who represented Macmillan

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