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Bus incident

Below is our press statement in response to the bus incident on Monday 23rd March:

At 7.20am on Monday 23rd March a fire broke out in Radlett on the bus from St Albans to JCoSS, which at the time had 14 students on board.

All students were evacuated from the bus immediately, well before the fire took hold.

Jeremy Reece owner of the Little Bus Company, has said “Our vehicles are regularly maintained and this particular coach was inspected 4 weeks ago. The vehicle was used on Friday and there were no reported problems. The fire was caused by an overheated brake drum which then caused a blown tyre. The students were evacuated immediately and safely by the driver following standard company policy.”

Photos circulating on social media show that the windows are broken on the bus. This was caused by the fire service breaking the glass in order to let out the smoke.

Parents and students have overwhelmingly commended the Little Bus Company driver Steve Williams who ensured all students were safely off the bus within seconds and well before the fire took hold.

As always, the welfare of our students is paramount and we will be working with the Bus Company to ensure this is fully investigated.

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