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Year 8 Interfaith Trip

Towards the end of last year, Year 8 students embarked on a trip to discover how others practice their faith. We had a jam-packed day, with students being introduced to two separate faiths during the trip; we were lucky enough to be able to visit St. Alban’s Cathedral and the Hare Krishna Temple (Bhaktivedanta Manor) all in one day! The students were taken on a tour of the entire Cathedral, being educated along the way about the history of the religion and the different articles of faith that could be found. Everyone was intrigued and students were able to find both similarities and differences between Judaism and Christianity. Students took part in a workshop, enabling them to explore the people who lived, worked and worshipped in the Cathedral in days gone by. They uncovered the dramatic past of the building, and the meanings and symbols associated with the religion – an exciting and educational experience for all involved.

At the Hare Krishna Temple the students were taken around the entire estate, looking at the farm and the beautiful expanse of gardens, one of which had been donated by George Harrison of The Beatles! The students enjoyed a cart ride that was driven by the cows that lived and worked on the estate. To end the trip, students and teachers alike were given a chance to dress up in traditional clothing worn by members of the Hare Krishna movement. It was a great day had by all, and we can’t wait to repeat the trip for our current Year 8 students!

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