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Year 7 – New Beginnings

Induction day saw Year 7 students arrive to great fanfare and excitement from teachers, all awaiting the start of a brand new school year.

Smart uniforms, gleaming school-bags and black leather shoes polished to a high-shine greeted us, along with a few bewildered faces!

Over the course of the day students were reacquainted with Messers Moriarty (Headteacher) and de Jong (Year 7 Learning Coordinator),  were spoken to by Ms Robinson (Deputy Head: Jewish Ethos), experienced taster lessons in English and Science and ate their first delicious lunch as fully-fledged JCoSS students.

The highlight of the day, and a moment that neither the students, nor I, are likely to forget, was the release of 180 purple helium balloons into the blue skies above as a mark of new beginnings. (Click here to see a short film)

I am thoroughly looking forward to the months and years to come.

Benjamin de Jong

Year 7 Learning Coordinator, JCoSS


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