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Y8 Visit to Normandy

Question: What gets 44 Y8 students and their parents out of bed at 3 o’clock a Sunday morning?

Answer: The Y8 trip to Normandy, that’s what!

All 44 students, their wonderful parents, Madames Marion and Ger accompanied by Mr Smith and myself arrived at school bleary-eyed ready for the coach journey and ferry crossing.  Most of the first day was spent traveling, but there was still time for dinner and relaxation at the beautiful gîte in the town of St Fraimbault.  Over the next few days staff and students enjoyed a host of activities: visiting a dairy farm and having a go at making our own butter and Camembert cheese; bowling; visiting a market and supermarket; a village quiz; seeing the site of the Normandy landings and visiting the breathtaking Mont-Saint Michel. The ferry journey home was a little choppy, but students thankfully held on to their lunch.  In fact, a certain young man named Adam Marks even found time to win an on-board limbo competition, beating off stiff competition from fellow students (Joshua Crampton gets a special mention for his technique – he was practically horizontal) and a school from Dorset; further evidence against the old adage that Jews don’t excel at sport. They do limbo in the Olympics, right?  A particularly pleasing aspect of the journey home was the compliments we received from fellow passengers regarding the behaviour of students and their politeness towards others. A huge merci beaucoup must go to Madame Marion for organising an action-packed week of activities.

Mr C. Stump – Baguette connoisseur

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