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Excellent JCoSS 6th Form Results

We are delighted to announce a truly exceptional set of public examination results for our Year 13 students. 7 students have secured their places at Oxbridge / Medical School and the great majority of the year group have places confirmed at their chosen universities.  

Across all our A Level and Cambridge Technical Qualifications 52% of grades were at A*/A (or equivalent). At A Level 77% of grades were Grade B or above. In Vocational subjects 28% of grades were Distinction* and 71% of grades were Distinction or better.

Among many outstanding individual performances are:

  • Natan Boyd A*A*A*A*
  • Ben Freedman A*A*A*
  • Samuel Gassner A*A*A*A
  • Jaime Grogan A*A*A*
  • Michaela Jackson A*A*A*
  • Daniella Finch-Cohen A*A*A A
  • Libby Tomer A*A*A A
  • Eva Zur A*A*A A
  • Tomer Epshtein A*A*A
  • Rafi Essex A*A*A
  • Ella Raingold A*A*A
  • Levi Sassoon A*A*A
  • Samuel Walters A*A*A
  • Joshua Waterman A*A*A
  • Mimi Plaskow Dist*Dist*Dist*
  • Scott Silver Dist*Dist*Dist*
  • Eden Tivon Dist*Dist*Dist*
  • Yuval Oren Dist*Dist*A*
  • Izzy Baron Cohen Dist*Dist*A
  • Anoushka Bull Dist*Dist*A
  • Joshua Bull Dist*Dist*Dist

 There are many other students whose grades are stunning either as raw results or in terms of their own personal achievement. The great majority of the year group will now be embarking on university courses including Medicine, Maths, Engineering, Economics, the Arts, Business and Science at many prestigious institutions. Others are heading into apprenticeships or pursuing other routes.

Headteacher Dr Melanie Lee commented:

I am thrilled and privileged to be announcing these brilliant results, my first as JCoSS Headteacher. Despite the promise of tougher grading this year our students have achieved even better outcomes than the pre Covid 2019 results. I am extremely proud of our Y13s and I am equally indebted to all the magnificent staff at JCoSS for their continued hard work, passion for learning and dedication to our students. I pay tribute also to parents who have shouldered additional burdens over these past years.

This cohort of young people have faced unique challenges during their time at school – GCSE courses were interrupted and there was no chance to prove themselves in the exam hall. They took their exams this summer without the benefit of that experience, on top of significant disruption throughout the pandemic years. This excellent set of results illustrates the importance of hard work, dedication and resilience and I wish everyone a hearty Mazeltov on such wonderful achievements.

Our students’ academic accomplishments give us cause for great celebration, but we also take much pride in acknowledging that our students leave JCoSS as accomplished Mensches, embodying the values of the school and the wider community. We know that they will continue to achieve, enrich and inspire in all that they do; we wish them joy, success and happiness in the future.

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