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A wonderful letter

Below is a letter from a member of the general public, regarding the behaviour
of our students on the flight to Israel

 To Whom This may concern;

Good Morning.  I am writing to you regarding your pupils recent trip to Israel. I apologise for the delay in getting this to you, but I only recently returned to London.

I was on El Al Flight 313 from Luton Airport to Tel Aviv on Sunday morning, 8th June. Upon arrival at the airport, my heart dropped when I saw that a group of 75+ teenage kids would be joining me on my flight. I could hear everyone around me grumbling as we checked in, at the sight of all the kids.

But lo and behold, your group of youngsters were out to shock us all!!

I must compliment your students, and credit to the staff travelling with them.  The students were polite, organised and above all, NOT NOISY AT ALL!!

It was actually a pleasure to see a group of youngsters, obviously excited about their trip, and still behaving in a respectful and toned down manner.

Upon complimenting one of the accompanying teachers on the students behaviour, she answered me that the students had been well drilled in behavioural rules. But we all know, that as much as we prepare and instil children with rules and protocol, it is most often not followed.

So I say “Kol Ha kavod” to your school, to your staff and most of all to the students travelling.  Well done to them all for showing us that students can still know how to behave appropriately, even in 2014!!

I hope they all had a wonderful trip and brought home some fantastic memories!

Wishing you all the best,

Lauren (permission was given to to publish the letter, but the writer preferred her surname not be used).

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