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Antony Lishak works with Y8

We were delighted to host Antony Lishak and to hear him talk about his new book, Stars. 
This is Antony’s 36th book but the first in which he explores
his Jewish heritage. Antony shared his inspiration with the 
students, who were fascinated to hear about the emotional
journey that writing this book involved. The book is a work of 
historical fiction and weaves a story around two fictional 
characters, one of whom is Jewish, during World War 2.  
The two boys’ playground is the Warsaw Zoo which in reality became 
a hiding place for Jews. It is estimated that Zabinski, the zoo’s director, 
sheltered about 300 Jews in the basement of his family’s villa and the 
empty cages of the zoo. Other real-life figures feature in the book, 
including Janusz Korczak, who ran the Jewish orphanage and famously 
chose to go to the gas chambers with them instead of taking the 
opportunity to escape.  If you would like to find out more, 
please visit

Mrs Lightman, Assistant Headteacher, Head of English

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