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Able and Ambitious

The Gifted & Talented policy at JCoSS is changing this academic year. The main change is that it will be now called Able & Ambitious. The reason for this change is that we hope to not only recognise the brightest and most academically able students here at JCoSS but to identify and give opportunities to those students who are hard-working, determined and display attitudes that are vital for success in the wider world. You will hear more about the new policy and programme changes over the forthcoming months.

On Monday 3rd March 2014 Year 9/10 students will be attending the launch ceremony of The Brilliant Club at Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford. Students will have a tour of the college, meet their PhD tutor and have their first tutorial session based on either the Arts/Humanities or STEM stream.  (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths)

The Brilliant Club programme is delivered by trained PhD students from a research university or institute, and involves two university trips and four in-school tutorials. The tutorials follow a course which has been designed by the PhD student around their own, cutting-edge research, and are designed to push the students to develop the academic skills they will need to secure places at highly selective universities.

A large cohort of students from Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 will be participating in an Aspire STEM event at JCoSS from Monday April 28th to Wednesday 30th April. The workshops are run by Inspire More Able Thinkers in Education and are designed to give students the opportunity to work with a subject in a non-classroom situation, applying their knowledge and stretching their thinking skills to solve problems and come to reasoned conclusions.

The STEM sessions will be available to those students who have demonstrated consistency in their attitude and determination within science, their ability and potential within science and maths and their problem solving aptitude.

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