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Informal Jewish Education at JCoSS

Fables and Dreidels
Our parents, siblings and grandparents celebrated Chanukah this month with a wonderful Fables and Dreidels evening, the latest instalment of the Fables and Bagels programme.  The evening featured live music and dancing by Shir, a pinhole camera workshop, a study session led by Mr Moriarty and of course plenty of food and drink!  Masterminded by our own Mr Rosenberg, Fables and Bagels is JCoSS’s flagship family education programme which aims to bring our learning and celebrations to our nearest and dearest.  Look out for the Pesach event on April 7th.

Alan Senitt Community Leadership Programme
We are delighted that JCoSS has now become a part of The Alan Senitt community leadership programme.  This amazing programme brings together Year 10 pupils from 6 different schools to gain skills to enable them to make a difference within their local community. The course which is run in conjunction with Maccabi Streetwise and The Three Faiths Forum, brings the pupils together for seminars once a month where they take part in sessions about leadership skills and inclusivity.  The course brings all the skills together that they learn in seminars to enable them to run a project to enhance their local community.  JCoSS students hosted the first of these seminars for this year’s groups which includes students from JCoSS, Immanuel College, Yavneh College, Watford Grammar Boys School and Guru Nanak School.

Rosh Chodesh
We celebrated Rosh Chodesh Tevet in school through a wide range of prayer services and welcomed leaders, Chazanim and Rabbis from all the major Jewish streams.  Rosh Chodesh gives our students the opportunity to experience prayer in a truly pluralist environment – and to either choose to attend services which are comfortable and familiar or to challenge themselves with something new!

We are pleased to report that through various fundraising efforts the school community raised over £1,000 for Typhoon Haiyan Relief, which will be sent via one of our school charities for this year – Save the Children.

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