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Celebration Afternoon

Mazeltov to the students who won awards at our Celebration Afternoon.   Unfortunately Covid restrictions meant that we were unable to have the full event during the last academic ​year, however, we are delighted that this term we were able to recognise these students with trophies kindly donated by Elizabeth Shrager in honour of her husband Robert Shrager, the first chair of Governors of JCoSS.  Congratulations to all the students and we hope next year we will be able to have a full Celebration Evening with parents and guests!

Izabella Grinberg        Y7 Head of Year award
Jack Joseph                  Y8 Head of Year award
Erin Silk                        Y9 Head of Year award
Chloe Silverman          Y10 Head of Year award
Natasha Werblow       Mensch Award
Aaron Sandhu              Mensch Award
Hannah Smith             Y12 Head Student
Adam Tyler                  Y12 Head Student

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