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Miliband meets the JCoSS Ministerial Team

Ed Miliband enjoyed a cordial meeting with the prime minister and deputy prime minister this week – or at least our JCoSS equivalents.

The Labour leader visited in January to hear from members of our student parliament. “We even have a monarch – the head teacher,” said year-eight student, Jamy Bristol-James.

The pupils took Mr Miliband through the workings of the student government, from the role of the whips to the innovations brought in by its sports minister. He was also given a tour of the school.

Mr Miliband asked students about Jewish life at the school and how they felt to be among its first pupils.

“It’s a place where everyone can be who they want,” said student deputy leader Zachary. “And everyone has respect for each other.” Told that JCoSS ministers could give feedback to teachers, Mr Miliband urged them to be “nice and diplomatic about it”.

He said he was delighted to visit the school and “very, very impressed” by the pupils’ presentations and their passion for learning. “I was not really as impressive as you at that age,” he confided. “I would encourage you to go into politics.” He said it was clear that JCoSS provided “an excellent environment for students to learn” and “an excellent education”.

Article from the Jewish Chronicle, 26th January 2012

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