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Gifted and Talented Programme at JCoSS

JCoSS is a high achieving academic school, providing an outstanding programme for our many Gifted and Talented students.  We are delighted by the results that our G&T students are showing and it is exciting to see them being stretched and challenged, both in the traditional classroom setting and beyond.

All students on our G&T core register have a meeting with the Gifted and Talented Lead Teacher every term to discuss their Individual Education Plan.  The plan considers their future hopes, aims and ambitions as well as their feelings about their lessons and the challenge provided within them.  All of their teachers then receive a copy of each individual plan so that everyone is working towards a common goal. 

Each student on the G&T register is able to have an adult mentor who they meet up with once a fortnight to discuss progress in each subject area and how they maximise achievement and enjoyment, plus create a good work-life balance.

Setting takes place in the majority of the curriculum, and students are identified as to whether they have a gift in a particular subject.  The key to a successful Gifted and Talented programme is that different work is set for students with abilities, rather than just additional work.  For example Y8 students on the French G&T register only talk in French during their entire lesson and top sets in Y8 English read more demanding texts.

Beyond the classroom, the programme is very varied.  There have been many events to stretch our Gifted and Talented students such as participating in The Times Spelling Bee competition, organising an Architecture Day for G&T students in DT, Humanities, Maths and Science, producing the BBC school report in English and enhancing team building and problem solving skills in Ashbridge Forest to name a few. 

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