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Mangahigh is an online teaching resource for mathematics.

It uses game-based learning to encourage students to enjoy maths, think harder and put more work in. It offers a combination of both conceptual exploration and distributed practice. Mangahigh provides enquiry and problem-solving, but it also encourages hard work and lots of practice. The Mangahigh platform is designed to motivate our students. It has an inbuilt reward mechanism which encourages students to work hard and master key skills.

Students strive to answer harder questions on Mangahigh so they can show off their achievements.

Each month schools within the British Isles compete for first place and to appear on the leader board. In September JCoSS students achieved a phenomenal 2048 points which is a result of home learning tasks and an amazing 648 hours on the mathematical games; this placed them as 5th from over 300 schools. At JCoSS we also like to celebrate the most dedicated students who have achieved the most points. The top students in September were Aviv S (Year 7), Jade S (Year 7) and Ben S (Year 7).

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