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Who says Jewish people aren’t great at sport!?!

Who says Jewish people aren’t great at sport!?!  Here at JCoSS, we have certainly been defying this myth!  We have had tremendous sporting achievements in our short life so far as a school, and it’s not just the case of beginners’ luck but down to the hard work and dedication of our superb PE department.

The JCoSS football team have won their first two league matches with amazing results, defeating St Mary’s School Hendon 8-2 and seeing off Mill Hill County 10 – 1. 

Josh, one of the team, said, ‘I love playing football for JCoSS.  It’s great to be part of a winning team.  Mr Stowe-Lindner owes us biscuits now: he said if we beat Mill Hill County by more than 5 goals he would invite the team into his office for a congratulations biscuit – and now he has to stick to it!’ Mr Stowe-Lindner has assured JCoSS News that he has fulfilled his commitment!

In other sporting news, Sam Morris made JCoSS history by winning the Barnet Schools’ Cross-Country Championships in a field of the top 45 Year 7 runners from the borough.  He then ran for Barnet in the Middlesex championships and came 2nd out of a larger number of runners from many more schools.  Sam has been training hard for these races and we are all delighted by his success.

Not to be outdone, the girls will start playing competitive netball matches later this term and early signs show they will do just as well as the boys.  Additionally, in March, both girls and boys are participating in the Maccabi Basketball and Badminton tournaments.  The boys have already performed admirably as the only Year 7 team in a recent Year 8 tournament.

All the PE lunchtime clubs are extremely well attended, and this is reflected in the notable sporting success JCoSS teams have had so far.  In the summer term, these extra-curricular activities will change to reflect seasonal sports.  

Our all-weather pitches are well under way to being finished and we look forward to using them later this year.  What’s more, the youth development coaches from Arsenal Football Club have expressed an interest in using these facilities.  This will encourage links with the local community, and we would be very excited to welcome them to JCoSS.

Mr Mitman, Head of Physical Education, said, ‘I am very proud of what the students have achieved in such a small amount of time.  We have all worked hard and these results speak for themselves.’  Mr Mitman is a serious sportsman himself, having represented his county for swimming and playing Sunday League football for Maccabi.

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