Results 2022

GCSE Results 2022

We are delighted to announce another year of excellent GCSE results.  The first grades awarded on the basis of exams since 2019, they continue the strong track record of success by our students who have faced such challenges over the 2 years of their GCSE courses.

Half of all results are at Grade 7 (A) or better, with 15% of grades at Grade 9 and 32% at Grade 8 or 9 (equivalent to A*). Eight students scored at least 8 Grade 9s, of whom two scored 10.  A third of students achieved at least 7 GCSEs at Grade 7 (A) or better.

The percentage of results at Grade 5 and above (considered a ‘strong pass’) was 83.2%, and 92% were at Grades 9-4 (the equivalent of an A*-C pass on the old system).  Over a quarter of grades in Biology, Physics, Chemistry, History, Ivrit, Food Technology and Further Maths were at Grade 9. 

Among many outstanding individual performances are:

Ella Haber, Timara Kaplan (10 Grade 9s)

Nina Joffe (9 Grade 9s, 1 Grade 8)

Herbert Byrne-Smith, Gabriella Stern (8 Grade 9s, 2 Grade 8s)

Raphael Kelvin, Aury Mosseri, Jessica Shahrabany, Ruby Wilkins (8 Grade 9s, 1 Grade 8)

Gracie Peller (8 Grade 9s, 1 Grade 6)

Micky Boyne, Sofia Legazpi Palatnik, Chloe Silverman, Daniel Solomon  (7 Grade 9s, 3 Grade 8s)

Headteacher, Mr Moriarty commented: ‘These are excellent grades, achieved against a backdrop of exceptional challenges during and since the pandemic.  Not only were GCSE courses disrupted by school closure, isolations and remote learning, but the social and emotional toll on students and their families has been very significant too.

‘We rejoice with shared pride at these excellent raw grades, but also at the many students who have exceeded personal goals, school targets or both.  I salute all our students and their parents who have borne additional burdens, and mention in particular those students who have triumphed over individual hardships that may have denied them the full recognition their talents deserve.

‘I thank my colleagues for their exceptional hard work, professionalism and care which underpin everything that our students achieve.  They are a phenomenal team and I am profoundly grateful to them, and for them.’


A Level and Vocational Results 2022

We are delighted to announce another exceptional set of public exam results for our Year 13 students.  Awarded on the basis of formal exams for the first time since 2019, they are our best ever figures, by some distance on several measures.  They are all the more remarkable for a cohort that had never sat public exams before and whose 6th form studies were so affected by the pandemic.

Across all our A level and Cambridge Technical Qualifications, 60% of grades were at A*/A (or equivalent) and 82% were at Grade B or better (or equivalent).

  • At A level, 52% of grades were A*/A (22% were A*) and 78% were B or better.
  • In Cambridge Technicals, 82% of grades were Distinction* and 94% Distinction or better.
  • 61% of students scored at least 3 A grades (or equivalent).
  • 103 students took A levels only, 35 took Technicals only and 18 took a blend of both.

Among many outstanding individual performances are:

  • A*A*A*A*: Joel Klein
  • A*A*A*A: Dinah Lewis, Eitan Richards
  • A*A*A*: Ava Gubbay, Ruben Persey, Sam Redland, Adam Tyler, Erin Walfisz; Sammy Bentwood (D*D*A*)
  • A*A*A: Jemima Briggs, Noah Broad, Louie Glasner, Matan Golani, Jack Hearder, Nadav Jacobs, Yonathan Kannor, Jacob Lederman, Albany Maddison, Ariella Niman, Oz Perez, Jessica Sassienie-Honeyball, Joe Shefras, Hannah Smith, Natasha Werblow; Ella Wise, Noah Graft (D*D*A)
  • 3x Distinction*: Scarlet Alkalai, Oliver Brent, Ben Conway, Samuel Davidson-Poston, Oliver Englander, Sam Ezekiel, Michael Falk, Serena Kara, Katie Mellis, Zack Morris, Tanya Nahum, Ella Nash, Joel Neumann, Jack Rodesano, Paige Roth, Yitz Sheinfeld, Jaimee Wolman

 There are many other students whose grades are stunning either as raw results or in terms of their personal achievement against challenging odds, or both.

The great majority of the year group have places confirmed at their chosen universities (far more than usual at this point despite concerns raised in the media), and we expect this figure to rise further in the coming days.  They are set to embark on courses including Medicine, Maths, Engineering, Economics, the Arts, Business and Science at many prestigious institutions. Others are heading into employment or pursuing other routes.

Headteacher Patrick Moriarty commented:

‘This cohort faced exceptional challenges over the last 2½ years: their GCSE courses ended abruptly without the chance to prove themselves in the exam hall. They took these exams without the benefit of that experience, on top of significant disruption to their time in the 6th form.  We are delighted that these excellent results recognise the huge strengths we have seen in them over 7 years and their dedicated, resilient hard work.  I salute their unstinting labours, and those of their teachers, and pay tribute also to parents who have shouldered additional burdens over these past 2 years. 

‘We take pride in our students’ academic accomplishments and, just as much, in the qualities we have seen grow in them during their time at JCoSS.  They leave as accomplished Mensches, embodying the values of the school and the wider community, and ready to act as ambassadors for both as they step forward on the next phase of their lives.’