6th Form Admissions 2021/22 and Application Form

The JCoSS 6th Form, rated ‘Outstanding’ by OFSTED, has an exciting and varied range of A Level and Cambridge Technical courses on offer.

In order to apply to JCoSS for the 6th Form, please complete the following steps.

Step 1:  All Applicants (both internal and external) to complete and submit the Application Form below. 

Once the form is submitted, parents will receive an email confirming the details that have been submitted.   

Step 2:  External Applicants ONLY – You will also need to complete a Declaration of Jewish Practice (DJP) which you can download here.  Once completed, either scan and email to 6thform@jcoss.barnet.sch.uk or post to The 6th Form Admissions Officer, JCoSS, Castlewood Road, New Barnet, EN4 9GE

Deadline for receipt of applications is:  
INTERNAL STUDENTS – Friday 27th November 2020
EXTERNAL STUDENTS – Friday 29th January 2021.
Late applications may be considered.

Please click here for Y12 Admissions Policy 2021/2022

The current restrictions on public worship present problems regarding the arrangements in our published Admissions Policy for the school year September 2021-22.  Please click here to view the revised criteria for demonstrating Jewish Practice, which sets out how Governors will assess which applicants will count as ‘First Priority: Jewish Children’ in the oversubscription criteria.  This document should be read in conjunction with the Y12 Admissions Policy 2021/22 above.

Year 12 Application Form 2021/22

  • Personal Details (Internal and External Applicants to complete)

  • Proposed Courses of Study at JCoSS (Internal and External Applicants to complete)

  • Preference 1Preference 2Preference 3Preference 4 / Reserve choice
  • For A Levels - please type one course per box. For Technical Diploma courses - please type the subject in two separate boxes.
  • External Students Only

  • EXTERNAL STUDENTS ONLY. Please type the GCSEs you expect to have sat by August 2020. Indicate any already completed. Click the + button at the side of the row to add another row
  • Declaration (Internal and External Applicants to Complete)

  • I wish the above applicant to be considered for a place as a student at JCoSS and declare that the above information is true and correct in every detail. I understand that if a place has been obtained on the basis of incorrect or inaccurate information, the offer may be withdrawn.