Parents’ Association (JPA)

Update – July 2018

I am delighted to inform you that this school year has been a huge success for the JCoSS Parents’ Association. We have been able to raise funds via the Year 7 Student Disco which was due to take place in December 2017. Unfortunately the heavy snow meant that it was cancelled and rescheduled to January this year. A massive thank you to all the parents who came to help out and allowed us to raise £980.37 despite the cancellation. We have also been very fortunate to have raised £1,050.17 from the JPA Non-Event which was also held in January.  The JPA has also raised additional funds through selling refreshments, snacks and school uniform at many parents’ evenings and events throughout the school year. These funds have all been raised through many hours of hard work from each JPA helper doing their bit. 

The school have used some of the money raised to fund:

£675 on the Year 7 Bookbuzz Reading Scheme.
£2,795 to purchase a wireless 12 way headset which was used in the school production of The Wiz and for forthcoming shows.

Hopefully every JPA helper and parent can see the positive impact and benefits our Association has achieved. The JPA’s objectives are to continue nurturing community spirit and fundraising for the school.  

Should you have any queries, please email

Best wishes


Elaine Pitter

Chair – JCoSS Parents’ Association.