Parents’ Association (JPA)

Dear Parents,

At the JCoSS Parents’ Association Annual General Meeting on the 26th September, we reported a total donated figure this year ended 31 August 16 of £15,070. 

These funds have all been raised through many hours of hard work from each JPA helper and none of this would have been possible without each and every JPA helper doing their bit. A HUGE THANK YOU TO YOU ALL.  

The School have used these monies to fund:-

£570 on the Year 7 Bookbuzz Reading Scheme,

£2000 on the beautiful and permanent Mosaic Project unveiled earlier this year in the Heart Space,

£2500 on improved stage lighting,

£4000 on new and replacement Sport equipment and

£6000 for much needed laptops for new course requirements and public examinations.

Hopefully, every JPA helper and parent can see the positive impact and benefits our Association has achieved.

The time has come for us to pass the mantle on to the new JPA Committee Members. It has been our great honour and pleasure to serve as Co-Chairs of the JPA over the last 2½ years and it is with a tad of sadness we leave.  However, we have been working closely with Elaine Pitter over the past few months and we have no doubt she will be a fabulous Chair and take this association forward from strength to strength.

We are delighted to announce from immediate effect the following Committee Members listed below have been voted in. They are all passionate & extremely capable people who we believe will make the JPA even stronger to ensure the JPA keeps building on its objectives of nurturing community spirit and fundraising for the school

Committee Members from the 27th September 2016

Chair – Elaine Pitter (contact details

Deputy Co-Chairs – Dalia Cullis & Vivienne Cato Koppel

Treasurer – Spencer Saffer

Secretary – Katie Robinson

Facebook & Contact List Co-ordinator – Nina Harrington

Second-hand uniform Co-ordinator – Melodie Driscoll

Sound & Lighting Advisor – Jon Fiber

Catering Advisor – Michael Alexander