JCoSS students can begin learning Latin in Year 8. The course combines language learning with the history and culture of the Romans. Latin at KS3 aims to build language awareness, with constant links made between Latin and English as well as other modern romance languages.

KS3 students will receive a grounding in Latin grammar and learn the skills to translate stories from the Roman world. Topics include gladiator fights, Roman baths, and life in the town of Pompeii.  Lessons are highly interactive, with language skills taught through games, videos, role plays and e-learning activities. Trips take place in Year 9 with a visit to the museum of London a popular choice, where students learn about the Roman occupation of Britain and the daring rebellion of Boudicca.

Students taking Latin for GCSE build on their language skills from KS3 and also begin to study Roman literature in the original Latin. This fascinating aspect of the course allows students to really appreciate the skill of Roman authors and experience a variety of literary styles, from the epic poetry of Virgil to Pliny’s letters.