Jewish Education


What is involved?

Who for?

Jewish Hackney Walking Tour Walking tour of Jewish Hackney led by Rachel Kolsky, Blue Badge Guide and founder of Go London Tours. A&A – JE students
Beit Midrash Intensive Jewish learning Self-Select
Jack Petchey Scheme – Achievement Award Recognising achievement Self-Select
Yoni Jesner Award Volunteering Years 7 & 8 – Self Select
Duke of Edinburgh Award Bronze/Silver Awards. Weekend excursions, volunteering, development of a skill and a physical challenge. Recognition at Celebration Evening for those who excel. Year 9+ – Self Select
Alan Sennit Community Leadership Programme Young person led social action project Year 10 – Self Select
Rosh Chodesh Spirituality, prayer, education, reflection. All students
Trip to Natural History Museum Evolution vs religion Year 10 selected students
Festival Celebrations Including Chanukah, Purim, Pesach, Yom Ha’atzmaut All students
Commemorations Including Holocaust Memorial Day, Yom HaShoah, Yom Hazikaron All students
Fables and Bagels – Family Education Evenings around festival time Students and families
Summer Programmes Fair  Promoting summer programmes  All students
 Mitzvah Day  Day of community service  Self-Select
 Fairtrade Fortnight  Students volunteer to help with Fairtrade fortnight  Self-Select
 Volunteering Opportunities & Fundraising  Including care home visits, poppy selling, fundraising initiatives, visiting local primaries, litter collection  Self-Select
 Shabbaton  Bonding weekend – A few Year 12s volunteer  Year 7 – Self Select
 Israel Trip  Students tour Israel for a 2 week excursion. Immersing themselves in the culture, religion and landscape of Israel.  Year 9 – Self Select
 Poland Trip  Poland Trip  Year 13 – Self Select
 6th Form JE  1 hour per week  All Year 12 & 13
 We Day  Day promoting social action  15 students engaged in Social Action
 Pause for Prayer  Weekly prayer/reflection activity  All students
 Manna from Heaven  Making food for homeless people  Self Select
 Philosophy Club  Debating and Discussion on topical issues within Judaism  Self Select
 Israel Club  Israel Club  Self Select
 Kabbalat Shabbat  Prayer  Self Select