Voluntary Contribution Forms

In order to complete the Voluntary Contribution Form below, please complete the following steps:

  1. Read the letter below from Mr Moriarty
  2. Complete the form below
  3. Download and print the direct debit mandate and gift aid form here.  Complete the form and send it back to our Voluntary Contributions Officer, Ms Laura Morris, at lmorris@jcoss.barnet.sch.uk

Voluntary Contribution 2021/22

  • Voluntary Contribution

    Please now download and complete the direct debit mandate above in Step 3. Then please scan or take a photo and email back to lmorris@jcoss.barnet.sch.uk


Dear Parents


I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of the Governors and JCoSS Trust to welcome you and your child to JCoSS. I hope that your child will settle in well and find his or her feet in this new environment.  

As I have said at the open events, voluntary contributions to the JCoSS Trust are a critical part of the running costs of the school.  They pay for the Jewish ethos and Jewish education that we provide – both the formal lessons and the huge range of other informal activities that students enjoy, from Purim celebrations to our award-winning Interfaith and volunteering activities.  They also contribute to the security infrastructure that ensures our students are kept safe in the troubling times in which we find ourselves. 

You may be less aware of the other enormous and critically important benefits of these contributions, in providing many other enhancements to the education we provide.  The levels of staffing, the resourcing of teaching and learning, the availability of extra-curricular and enrichment activities, the provision of extra classes and revision activities for exams…all of these things and more are only possible for our students because your Voluntary Contributions provide extra financial support for the school to supplement the money that comes from Government. 

That Government funding is not rising in line with the costs of employing staff and purchasing resources and as a result many schools are facing deficits and having to lose staff, cancel optional subjects and increase class sizes.  We have managed to avoid that at JCoSS so far because of the additional support that parents give, and as a school we are grateful for this financial commitment, which enables us to provide so well for the students.

As the JCoSS Trust is a registered Charity, if you pay tax and complete the Gift Aid form, the school can benefit by receiving additional funds from the Government. Different arrangements may apply depending on the rate of tax you pay – an illustration of the calculations is included below.

Whatever the amount you decide to contribute, the most convenient way is by Direct Debit. If you choose this method you will be paying less than those who pay termly by cheque. Full details of the contribution rates are below.  Please download the bank mandate for paying by Direct Debit and scan or take a picture and email it to lmorris@jcoss.barnet.sch.uk   Please also complete the Gift Aid form which is on the same document  after the direct debit mandate.  If you would prefer to pay by cheque, please send  the full first term’s payment to our postal address. Our bank details are available on request.

As I am sure you are aware, in common with all other Jewish schools, this contribution is voluntary and your child will not be treated differently if you are unable to pay.  However, we anticipate and rely upon most parents being able and willing to contribute in full.  We believe there is a strong moral obligation on all to pay – if not the full amount then as much as possible.  We know there are differences in what families can afford, and we are always willing to discuss different amounts in total confidence.  Even a partial contribution is enormously helpful in keeping down the headline contribution amount that all are asked for; it also embodies the sense of corporate responsibility for the education and future of the next generation, and models the habit of giving which is such a hallmark of the Jewish community. If you do have any difficulty, then please contact the Voluntary Contribution administrators Laura Morris, who collect your donations on behalf of the JCoSS Trust.  The simplest method is by email to lmorris@jcoss.barnet.sch.uk.  We will of course handle the matter sensitively and confidentially.

We are delighted you have chosen JCoSS and look forward to your child having a successful career at the school.

Yours sincerely

Patrick Moriarty


Non-tax and standard rate tax payers:

Each child              £138 per month for 12 months (Sept 2021 to August 2022 inclusive) = £1,656 for the year

OR                           £566 per term = £1,698 for the year. 

No money will be taken from your account until September.


Higher rate tax payers:

If you pay higher rate tax and complete a tax return, you would receive further tax relief on your contribution.  Therefore, in common with other similar organisations, we are asking you to consider making a higher contribution to us, which after tax relief is the same amount we are asking from a standard rate tax payer.  

  • Higher rate tax payer: 40%

Each child £184 per month for 12 months (Sept 2021 to August 2022 inclusive) = £2,208 for the year  (which after further tax relief costs you £1,656).

No money will be taken from your account until September.

  • Higher rate tax payer: 45%

Each child £200 per month for 12 months (Sept 2021 to August 2022 inclusive) = £2,400 for the year (which after further tax relief costs you £1,656).

No money will be taken from your account until September.


Illustration of how the tax relief works, if the Gift Aid form is signed



Non Tax Payer

Standard Rate Payer


Higher Rate Payer


Higher Rate Payer


Amount actually paid by parent





Basic Rate tax of 20% deducted by all tax-paying parents and reclaimed by JCoSS from Inland Revenue under Gift Aid





Further higher rate tax relief claimed by parent





Total money received by JCoSS after it has reclaimed tax under rules of Gift Aid





Overall net cost to parent after all tax relief