Year 7 Admissions 2018/19

The first round of offers for Year 7 will made by your Local Authority on behalf of JCoSS on the evening of 1 March 2018.

The final date for receipt of applications for admission to Year 7 in 2018-19 was 31st October 2017.  Late applications may be considered.

JCoSS is regularly oversubscribed and in the event of more applications than places available in any school year, the Governing Body has established an admissions policy, which is below.

In order for you to apply to JCoSS, you must complete the Common Application Form (the “CAF”) provided by your Local Authority. If you do not, your child will not be considered for a place. You should also complete the SIF (supplementary information form) below.  Without this we cannot apply our over-subscription criteria correctly and will not be able to give your application priority consideration.

If you have any queries please email